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Sounds too good to be true – fast, convenient, cheap, green – what’s the catch?

No catch – we provide a solid value for your money, and want to wash as many cars as we can, as often as we can.


How clean and dry will my car be after going through Winning Finish Car Wash.

Pretty darn clean, and pretty darn dry.  Some types of dirt – bird droppings, road tar, tree sap – are very difficult to clean, but we will try our best.  Our high efficiency air dryers will get most of the water off most cars, and you will probably see some drops left over that will quickly dry on their own without a trace.


What are some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to know when I come to Winning Finish?

Do - pay attention to your surrondings at all times

Do - pay attention to the wash attendants

Do - have your payment ready to help save you time

Don't - talk on your cell phone


Will Winning Finish Car Wash damage the paint on my car?

No.  The wash material and cleaning solutions used in the car wash are specifically designed to provide safe, gentle cleaning of your vehicle’s surface.  Leaving dirt, salt, road grime, etc. on your car without prompt cleaning is far more damaging than frequenting today’s modern car wash facilities.


Are you open if it is raining?

Yes!  We are always open our posted hours, for the convenience of our customers.  Sometimes it’s nice to get the mud and crud off that forms with the rain.


Why should I pay to get my car washed when I can do it for free at home?

Simple – save time, save water, help the environment.  We do it faster (around 5 minutes), with less water (15 gallons per car, versus up to 150 you would use at home), and less pollutants in the Bay (we recycle our wash water, and dispose of excess to the City treatment facility).


Do you clean the inside of the car?

We do not offer any interior cleaning services.  Self Service vacuums are available for just $1.00, and each customer gets a moist wiper to clean up the inside for free!  If you require additional interior cleaning, or detailing services, there are several reputable full service car washes and detail shops in San Francisco that provide those services.


How can I get a wash for an even cheaper price?

We sell Coupon Books at a discount.  A book of five Checkered Flag washes is $25.00 – that’s only $5.00 per wash!  And a book of five of our best wash, the Winner’s Circle, is $35.00, only $7.00 per wash.


How is washing my car at Winning Finish environmentally responsible?

Winning Finish uses only 20% of the water typicaly used when washing yoiur car in the driveway.

All of the waste water from Winning Finish goes to the waste water treatment plant, it does not go into the bay, creeks or rivers.


What happens to all the water used at a car wash?

All the water used in the wash process is pre-treated on site.  Some of that water is recycled and reused in the wash, and the excess goes to the San Francisco sewer treatment facility.  This water is tested by the City annually to ensure our waste quality falls within approved guidelines.


How do I know if I can wash my vehicle at Winning Finish?

We can wash almost all current passenger cars, trucks, and vans.

-          up to 88” in height

-          up to 12” tire width

-          pickups are fine; no debris or loose items in the back

-          no fixed “tripod” mirrors


How do I get the answer to a question that is not covered in these Frequently Asked Questions?

Feel free to call the car wash at 415-864-4022, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  We would love to hear from you!


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